Our best.

We start every project as if it were our own.

Each and every project is important to us, no matter how small or how large your company may be. We begin each design with the mindset that every project we work on is an extension of us and our reputation as a business. Your story is our story, and our job is to give that story a visual representation that goes above and beyond the competition.

Our Story

Bold Brew Studios, LLC, is a boutique graphic and web design company that focuses on giving one-on-one attention to all clients. Founded and developed by Aaron Socci, Bold Brew seeks to tell the unique story of each and every business through the use of graphic media. We care about our clients first and foremost. We truly believe that we only succeed when our clients succeed.

Our name was born out of the fact that bold, attention-grabbing design doesn’t simply happen, it’s a process that develops over time. Design is also a mixture of many different elements that come together to form a more potent whole.  

Our Value Guarantee

Quality work is paramount, and we want to provide all our clients the best. The world of technology is constantly changing and improving, so we are always looking to enhance previous work and stay ahead of the curve. We always seek to provide value and not just a finished product to recieve compensation. If our clients are not satisfied, we are not satisfied. We believe in honest, integrity and hard work, which fosters quality design that helps our clients reach the next level in their business.

About Aaron

Aaron Socci has over eight years of experience in graphic media in a variety of industries. After years of side projects and late nights, he started Bold Brew in 2015.  Along with his expertise in design, Aaron has a communications background that continues to be the driving force behind creating exceptional content for customers while developing a long-lasting connection with each and every client.

With a passion for small business and finding purpose in all aspects of work, Aaron believes each and every day is an opportunity to create something great.

Aaron lives in the greater Philadelphia area with is wife and two kids. When he’s not designing,  Aaron enjoys spending quality time with his family, exercising, fishing & being in the great outdoors.

Interested in learning more? Feel free to contact Aaron at aaron@boldbrewstudios.com.